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Current Consistory Members


Rafael Armstrong, VP of Consistory & Elder of Worship

Diane Sansone, Elder of Congregational Care

Paige Inglese, Elder of Youth & Discipleship

Celeste Kirk, Elder of Christian Education


Sherri Caramico, Deacon of Church Life

John Schaffer, Deacon of Buildings & Grounds

Jack Sytsma, Deacon of Finance

Tristian Wyant, Deacon of Missions

Christian Education

Christian Education - April 2024

We continue to hope that there will be an increase in Sunday School numbers soon.

Folders of lessons for the younger grade students are in the library. There has been a notice in the weekly e-blast asking for volunteers to be substitute teachers on an as needed basis.  The upper grade students have not been attending.

The FRC Easter Egg Hunt took place on Saturday, March 23rd at 10 in the morning.  The weather was not conducive to an outdoor hunt, but that didn't stop approximately 25 kids and their grownups from attending.  It was a wonderful event.  Thank you to Wes, Sasha, Rafael, Sherri, Phil and Shirley for all the help. 

Vacation Bible School will be held the week of June17th. Ours will be the first VBS and hopefully our numbers will increase from last year.  Registration began the day of the Easter Egg Hunt.  Food Truck Party will be the theme again. A meeting for anyone wishing to volunteer will be scheduled for April 28th.

Respectfully Submitted by,

Celeste Kirk

Mission Moments

Mission In Action Report - April 2024

1.  Martha's Pantry:   Ongoing the first Saturday of each month.  Thank you, Raf, for collecting thisSaturday.  Thank you, Sherri for youridea of the scrapbooking ladies to bring items in exchange for a raffle ticket.  The ministry is so blessed because of youringenuity!

2.  Eva's Village:  A newsignup sheet was put up on the Mission Board with new dates added. 5/24 (5 needed), 5/31 (8 needed), 6/14 (8needed).  I am available for each ofthese dates, so please prayerfully consider possibly joining me and a fewothers on one of these Fridays.

3.  NJ Food and Clothing Rescue:  RenayStafford will join us for our April Mission Moment and speak more about theorganization and ways we can help support throughout the year. 

4.  Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center: JohnDere will join us for our Mission Moment in May, a week after we begin our BabyBottle Boomerang.  I've forwarded himflyers and posters of all our church events, so that they are passed out toyoung families and single moms who walk through the Lighthouse doors.

5. Families for Families:  On March 17th, we welcomed Cristyn Madley forour Mission Moment.  She spoke about howshe started the organization with her family, after her own personal strugglesof growing up with little to nothing. I've also been sending her the flyers for all of our events at church,so that the families they work with are invited to visit our church!

Submitted by,

Tristian Wyant

Church Life

Please note: Church Life Meetings will take place on the FIRST Sunday of each month in 2024. ALL ARE WELCOME!

2024 EVENTS:

The Spring Scrapbooking Crop Fundraiser and Walk Thru Basket Raffle was A Great Success!! We had 104 baskets in total--there were over 40 people from the community who came out in the rain and purchased raffle tickets for the Walk Thru Basket Raffle.

We raised a total profit--$5535.42

APRIL 27th - 3-6 pm NOAH Movie Matinee- Judy Dudas and Suzanne Aridas have volunteered to chair this event.  I have put posters up around town (Olsson's, Melcon's, Boro Hall, Angelina's, Barbershop, Moe's, Andy's, Carlo's) and created an event on our Facebook Page. The flyer has also been included in the Mayor's letter, along with being advertised on Facebook in various community groups.

*Need to check water stock and probably purchase soda.

May 11th - Saturday 1-5:00 pm -Paint Party with Paint Fusion!  BOOKED  I've asked Emily to update the flyer and hope to have it in time for the April event. Need to start advertising right away!

June 15th - Scrapbook Crop and Raffle 9:30 am-9:00 pm. I have a total of @40 seats either paid for or reserved! Tickets can be found on church website under Calendar of Events.

September 22nd - Formal Installation of Pastor Wes--Need to form a committee of 3 or 4 people who want to organize this event.

Please reach out to Sherri Caramico (201) 321-4535 or shercara@aol.com with any questions.

Buildings & Grounds

Building and Grounds Report – April 2024

Work Day Scheduled:  April 13th we will have a 4-hourwork day for small repairs, painting, cleaning and organizing.  We hope also to finish cleaning and waxing the hallway floor along Fellowship Hall.

Floor Cleaning and Waxing: Mike Dougherty and I cleaned and waxed the hallway and foyer floors two weeks ago.  It took about half a day.  We hope to complete the hallway along Fellowship Hall during the work day.

Door Stop Replacement: Door stops were replaced on multiple doors due to damage incurred to the jamming mechanism.

Steeple Water Leak:  I contacted Kovac Roofing who met Phil Caramico for an inspection and provision of an estimate for repair.  Still awaiting estimate.  The steeple roof was found to be in sore need of replacement.

Utility Sink Repairs:  Bobby Van was called for repairs and I placed a sign over the sink asking users to please turn the faucets off at the end of the day.  Leaving them in an open position erodes the rubber gaskets.

Furnace Operations:  The thermostat in the library was replaced and the hallways and library continue to receive heat even when the thermostat is not calling for heat.  Bobby Van was a hard pass on this effort.  This is the cause of the heat in the library and hallways.  I called Reiner who sent their service team and evaluated the system.  The oldest valve in the boiler room appears to have a compromised seal allowing steam to bypass the valve and heat the library/sitting room.  Rough estimates for replacement of the valve are $3000 to $5000.  A formal estimate is awaiting receipt.  All work will need to be done in the off heating season.  If costs are this high we may want to consider going out for additional quotes.

All other zones appear functional and operational.

Parsonage Painting and Floors:   Wes has been coordinating refinishing of the floors in the parsonage as the carpets are very worn. Refinishing will be performed by Abbey Carpet and Flooring on Goffle Road.

Day Care Client Offer for Door Replacement:  Mike Oliver approached me with a proposal by one of his clients to replace the Day Care side door that serves the alley way and primary entrance to the day care. Details are few but evidently the client works at a Kuiken Brothers supply office and can get the door cheaply or free.  Mike wanted to know our feelings about this offer.

General Repairs and Maintenance: Lots of general repairs and maintenance continue as needed and identified.

Respectfully Submitted,

John Schaffer

Youth & Discipleship

Report - February 2024

A quarterly meeting is scheduled for April 2nd at7 pm with Mike Rica, Emily Mintz and me via Zoom.


On Sunday, April 7th, we are having middle and high school youth groups.  Mike Rica will be giving the same talk about Identity in Christ since we had one person the last time.  Networking continues, I am in contact with Sarah Christie, Debbie and Jess from Young Lives at Lighthouse.  All are spreading the word.  I continue to post to Facebook  pages, and Instagram, and reach out personally to people.  I have made ticketleap events for the events listed below.

Faith Place:

Finalizing the banner tomorrow with Emily and Mike

Youth Leadership Conference:

The Youth Leader Summit is coming up on  May 22nd-24th.  I have booked and will attend.



Sunday, April 7th--Middle and High School Youth Group

Sunday, April14th--Young Adult Group


July or August for the CPR certification course?  I would like to touch base with Sherri after my semester ends the second week of May when I can commit to organizing it.

Discussions are happening around hosting outdoor events since the weather is getting warmer.


Is it possible to arrange for a Sunday where the offering can be donated to Faith and Fellowship?

Submitted by Paige Inglese

Capital Campaign

We want to thank everyone who has given generously toward the Capital Campaign. So far, we’ve collected $5,581. We have several projects that need to be worked on. Click below to learn more about our 5 year Capital Campaign plan.

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